dot 'n' roy

bigger kids


Merry merry Christmas everybody!

with Grampoo & Grandma Judy at Annie on Christmas Eve

with Auntie Joan

one gift to open on Xmas Eve

Princess Celestia!

with Unca' Jake

still monster

Grampoo reading on Christmas Eve

Auntie Joan with her beloved new doll Clementine on Christmas morning

it was to be a Star Wars Christmas

two light sabers

Unca' Jake as Boba Fett

mermaid picture

mama made this sweater

always time for a new calendar

mama's cornet

mama with her cornet again

the Force is strong in this one



Roy making cookies

Dorothy making cookies

Dorothy's Big Book of Girls

some kid

with Nell

Luke 'n' Leia

also Luke 'n' Leia


Leia looks funny

what else can I say other than Luke 'n' Leia?

kids eating lunch in the bathtub for some reason?!?


a winter's day in a deep and dark December

Dorothy with friends at Nutcracker ballet

with Janae

at the Nutcracker

with Oma

three ladies


ice skating


Roy with school chums

that's Roy

two helmets

with Jennifer

it's the hard-knock life for us


tell me the story of Thumbelina